About Us

When I entered the world as a baby, as most normal people do. I already knew I had a purpose to live out on planet earth. Of course, I didn’t know what that certain purpose was, so I continued to scream and cry and poop my diaper. Sometime’s I still scream and cry but I am a big girl now and so I have my big girl panties on.

EDO Services

Back to this big purpose thing.

I think it started to become evident when I was about 8 years old. I sold our house my parents had listed on the market. Someone had stopped by to look at it and I sat with them on the front porch and chattered and charmed the best I could. As they drove away, my Mom looked at me sorrowfully and said,”Abigail Stewart, I think you just sold our house.”(Mom was against moving)¬†She was right. The house sold.

Not only did we sell the house but we made friends for life. Literally. They were both older people and we stayed in contact till they both passed away.

The Art of Selling

Now to get to the point. I still sell things. With just a different twist. I help YOU sell whatever the heck you want. I bring you leads to getting the customers and helping you grow your business.

I am very passionate about helping you succeed. With my services here at EDO, we can help you get on the right track. We can refer you some awesome companies that can take all the sweat and tear you have poured into your brand and bring it to the next level. Or the next two levels. Maybe even three. They can guarantee you that they will bring you to the top. And when they get you there, oh baby, you better hold on and enjoy the ride, because you will be so busy that you will have to expand and hire new employees. The revenue that will be flowing in will seem like a dream. But trust me, its real as daytime tv.


Let me paint a scene for you. We will make it colorful and fun for you to imagine. So for example, you start a Ft Collins spray foam insulation business. You buy a mower and trimmer and some gloves. Maybe you create a logo and paint it on the truck you drive around town. You might even get a few business cards. If you’re gutsy, you go from door to door asking for work or maybe referrals. The business slowly trickles in but it is not enough to pay off that zero-turn mower and the trailer you haul it with. This is where EDO Services comes in. Not only can we get you an awesome website to advertise your business, but we can get you the best in highly trained marketing professionals. You might think the stakes are high but the only thing that is high is your neighbor’s uncut lawn. And I can promise you this. When he goes to his computer and types “lawn care near me”, your business will pop up and your phone will be ringing. So thank me later but call me now. Let us help you expand your business today!